Bangladesh economy has been growing at an average rate of 5% to 6% since the turn of the century. The economy remained largely unaffected by the Global Financial crisis. Bangladesh is expected to grow at a faster pace aspiring to turn into a middle income country. The economic development and the resultant lifestyle changes have created new demand; with increased business volume, along with risks. Thus the financial industry in Bangladesh needs to extend its services beyond the generic ones;expanding the reach across the length and breadth of socio-economic strata, with a variety of value propositions that have largely remained unexplored.

Moreover, these dynamics demand persistent innovation in financila services and instruments and a high level of competency within to meet the demand of individual and institutional cusotmers.

In this backdrop, FinExcel made its debut with a competent group individuals and organizations and providing a platform for a wider net of resources with a view to meet the needs of Bangladesh's financial industry. FinExcel aims to be a leading provider of service.

Our Financial institutions are now required to support the growing economy with innovative financial transactions attaining competencies that meet the demand of individual and institutional customers.

In this backdrop, FinExcel has made its debut well prepared to respond to the needs of the financial industry. FinExcel aims to be a leading provider of Advisory, Advocacy and Organizational learning for financial institutions in Bangladesh in regard to dimensions of business, operational efficiency and quality of services in financial matters, including Microfinance, within both private and public sectors. FinExcel understands the new landscape and offers expertise to create unique business position to make the dreams for the leap forward come true.